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Unfussy Vibe

STYLED HABITAT set out to design casual, not cluttered, and unfussy vibe for this study room/ playroom. A multipurpose room for the kids to have separate space to make an art project, do schoolwork, or unwind and watch movies is every parent dream. Giving kids their own space lets them exercise a certain amount of independence—plus it can help keep the rest of the home on the tidier side. 

The color palette and contemporary edge flow perfectly with the rest of the home scheme, but the room contains a few quirky touches to emphasize its purpose as a place to kick back. Delivering a comfortable, personal, and collected look. When selecting accessories, vary the textures, materials, finishes, and patterns to keep the look multidimensional. If everything feels the same, the look falls flat and lacks interest. Handmade ceramics, vintage pillows, and books are my go-to finishing touches, and when in doubt, add a plant with a cool shape.

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