Millennial Pink - Styled Habitat

Millennial Pink

 For this young lady’s bedroom STYLED HABITAT leaned toward a pared-down palette. While grounded in ivory, this room has a distinctive accent color: the millennial pink- the palest pink blush color. We turned up the comfort factor with plush custom upholstered seating and soft area rugs, sumptuous silk and fur pillows add a sense of glamour. The mix of metals of brass and rose gold keeps the room young and black accents deliver a bit of edgy. 

 At first glance, the room seems to have a strict two-tone palette of ivory and light blush. Then you realize none of the ivories or blushes are exactly the same. The takeaway: Instead of driving yourself mad trying to perfectly match the curtains and the pillows, let the tones create a lightly layered effect.

 The room was designed to give a boutique hotel feel. For the young lady to feel most at ease spending laid-back days giggling with her closest girlfriends, they never want to leave.

 At STYLED HABITAT we strongly believe in design kids and young adult spaces with the same principles as grown up spaces. They should timeless, interesting, and should feel good for a long time! 

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