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eDESIGN, referred to as remote, virtual, or digital interior design process. In a nutshell, we design it all online! Part DIY, part professional expertise without losing that personal touch and sight of the big picture. eDESIGN provides you the freedom to set your own completion timeline that works best with your budget.

Here’s how it works:


Great design starts with great communication. Tell us about your space and all details that would help us articulate your vision.


Based on the project details you provide, we schedule a complimentary 1-hour consultation and virtual tour of your space.


Upon purchase you will receive a welcome letter and project start date.


We use your information to gather preferred styles, colors, and patterns while incorporating your treasured items to put together your concept board, which we call first STYLED BOARD.


Once the client approves the direction of the first STYLED BOARD, the designer puts together the final STYLED PACKAGE with all the details.

Now it’s time to implement your design!

  • Affordable
  • Access to top designers
  • Convenience of designing your space entirely online
  • Personal attention without the challenge of scheduling in-person meetings
  • Set your own timeline of completion that works within your budget
  • Not to mention exclusive designer discounts with our retail partners!

The first STYLED BOARD is a concept or mood board, which captures and illustrates the general aesthetic direction the project. Our virtual concept board includes design inspiration images and colors that best captures your style. Your feedback on the direction at this point is important in order for your designer to then put together the final STYLED PACKAGE with all the details.

The final STYLED PACKAGE includes:

1. Concept images

2. Floor plan with furniture placement

3. Selections of furniture, accessories, paint colors and finishes  

4. Instructions on how to implement your design (excludes labor)

5. Detailed shopping list – furnishings that are easily available at a store near you or online.

An example of what you’ll get with our E-design service, go here

Great design starts with great communication, clients submit:

  • Budget & timeline
  • Space photos & measurements
  • Inspirational images or share your Pinterest board
  • Respond to our questionnaire STYLE QUIZ

STYLEDHABITAT takes it from here. We come up with the concept or first STYLED BOARD and later the final STYLED PACKAGE

If you’re clueless, that’s okay! During our 1-hour free design consultation, we ask a lot of questions to gather ideas about your space, aesthetic, and your design objectives. We brainstorm together some solutions and lay the groundwork for your design. We can help guide you to the best eDESIGN package or direct you to our other services that might better suit your needs. In addition to our eDESIGN packages, we offer full-service interior design, styling and property styling. 

Since this is a digital process, clients save time. In total the eDESIGN process takes 3-4 weeks. Here is the breakdown for a single room/standard package:

  •  3 business days from the project launch date to receive your first STYLED BOARD + 3 business days for you to think about it and give us your feedback and approval.
  • Approximately 10 business days for our DESIGN TIME to generate great ideas/solutions  that are unique to your project.
  • 3 – 5 business days to finalize and send your final STYLED PACKAGE +5 business days for your feedback and approval.
  • Start your implementing your eDESIGN project at your convenience according to your budget
  • Show off your space!

If selected items become unavailable, discontinued, or sold prior to purchase and within 30 days of receiving your shopping list, you can simply ask your designer to submit a new option.

We encourage clients to buy what they love as soon as possible, as we can’t guarantee stock status of items in your design. 

Budgets are tricky for clients, each space is different and clients’ requirements and taste also differ. We recommend you start with a priority list (What is the space used for? What can you live without?) and a wish list of course! During our 1-hour complementary consultation, we get an idea of your requirements and taste. Our job is to guide you through your priority list and make your budget work hard to help you check off items from your wish list. From the start we keep your budget in mind, so tell us what what is your range!

Here are 3 average budget levels to help you find your range. This is a general overview to give you an idea. Clients are able to mix between these three levels for a truly unique and layered look.

Standard: Meet your design needs with on-budget prices.

Stores: Ikea

Stylish: Accessible style.

Stores: Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and BoConcept

Signature: Authentic, investment pieces that are built to last.

Stores: Design within Reach, ikonhouse and Antiques

STYLEDHABITAT will source finishing materials (e.g. tile, cabinetry, wallpaper, etc.) along with custom options. However, we require clients to work with a contractor for accurate measurements to ensure the correct amount of materials are specified before ordering.

Designing your space is a process, but we’re here to make it simple and enjoyable. Clear and open communication between clients and designers insure the best results. We communicate primarily via e-mail, this is a virtual process after all, but will make quick phone or Skype calls from time to time, if necessary.

Absolutely! Just purchase one of our package options and we will send it to your recipient. eDESIGN packages make for excellent and functional house warming, wedding and baby shower gifts. Give the gift of STYLEDHABITAT gift by contacting us at: [email protected]

Our designers are carefully handpicked from the best talent to work with you—all online—to beautifully transform your room, in your style and budget, for a low, flat fee.

We review designers qualifications (education, experience, and portfolio).  Our designers’ work must meet our standard of excellence. Our senior staff reviews all STYLEDHABITAT boards for quality assurance and excellence before being sent out.

We are always looking for talented new designers. If you qualify please apply “Here